Apple Mac Pro and Studio Expected to Receive M4 Upgrade by Mid-2025

### The Mac Pro and Studio Won’t Get the M4 Nod Until Mid-2025

![A 2023 Mac Pro](×1360/920×613/filters:focal(857×517:1183×843):format(webp)/
*A 2023 Mac Pro. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge*

In a recent update for Power On subscribers, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that Apple’s Mac Studio and Mac Pro won’t be upgraded to the anticipated M4 chip until mid-next year. This revelation implies that both these high-end machines will remain powered by the M2 generation throughout this year, unlike other Macs, with the exception of the MacBook Air.

According to Gurman, 2024 will witness all of Apple’s laptops (excluding the MacBook Air) transitioning to the M4 chip, which has already been integrated into the latest iPad Pro. This staggered upgrade cycle has led to a peculiar situation: the iPad Pro is currently the single-core performance leader in Apple’s lineup. This quirk is expected to persist for about another year, given the Mac Studio and Mac Pro will be sticking with the M2 chips.

![Geekbench Screenshot](×1360/920×613/filters:focal(857×517:1183×843):format(webp)/
*Screenshot: Geekbench*

The delay highlights Apple’s iterative approach to hardware advancements, emphasizing the nuanced and strategic planning behind their product releases. While some may be disappointed by the wait, others view it as an opportunity for Apple to fine-tune and optimize the M4 chip specifically for their pro-grade machines.

This timeline indicates that professionals relying on the Mac Studio and Mac Pro may need to wait a little longer for the enhanced performance capabilities promised by the M4 chip. However, the promise of performance leaps associated with Apple’s next-gen silicon offers an exciting horizon for creative and professional users.

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By staying on top of such updates, you can ensure your workflow remains uninterrupted by potential hardware changes, making it easier to plan for the next significant investment in Apple technology. What are your thoughts? Will you be holding out for the M4, or do you find current offerings satisfactory? Drop your comments below!

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