Blue Origin’s First Crewed Launch Since 2022: Viewing Guide and Details

# Blue Origin Returns to Crewed Space Missions: Where and How to Watch

**Image: Blue Origin**

It’s been a significant hiatus for Blue Origin, but the private spaceflight company is ready to return to crewed missions after more than a year and a half since their New Shepard rocket experienced a mid-flight failure. The last time Blue Origin sent passengers to space was over two years ago. Now, they’re set to make a triumphant comeback by launching six people into space.

### Launch Details
– **Date and Time**: The launch window opens at 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM ET.
– **Live Stream**: Blue Origin will begin streaming the event 40 minutes before the launch on their [official website]( Additionally, the company generally broadcasts their launches on their [YouTube channel](, so it’s a safe bet to check there for live coverage.

### Special Significance of This Mission
Assuming the launch goes according to plan, it will carry six passengers onboard, which includes some particularly notable figures. Among them is Ed Dwight, who at 90 years old, will be making his journey to space. Dwight was America’s first Black astronaut candidate, but despite his impressive qualifications, he never made it to space during his time of selection. This mission will finally give him the opportunity he missed decades ago.

Joining him on the flight will be:
– Mason Angel
– Sylvain Chiron
– Kenneth L. Hess
– Carol (additional details about these passengers were not provided in the excerpt).

### Why This Launch Matters
This mission, known as NS-25, signifies Blue Origin’s ongoing dedication to making space travel accessible and safe, even after setbacks. With private companies like Blue Origin and others in the commercial spaceflight industry pushing forward, the future of space exploration looks increasingly promising for civilians.

Don’t miss this historical moment. Set your reminders for early morning and get ready to witness another step forward in space tourism and exploration.

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Stay tuned, space enthusiasts!

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