Discover the Best Video Games for Immersive Sensory Experiences

## The Smells and Tastes of a Great Video Game

**Image: Samar Haddad / The Verge**

As video games and movies grow increasingly immersive, it’s becoming evident that certain sensations are missing in the experience. Have you ever found yourself playing *Gran Turismo* and wished you could smell the burning rubber and engine exhaust? Or imagined that a game of beer pong in *Horizon Worlds* would be even better if you could taste the hops?

In this episode of *The Vergecast*, part of our miniseries exploring the five senses of video games, we dive into the fascinating topics of smell and taste in video gaming — and debate whether these senses could truly enhance the virtual experience for gamers. Essentially, we’re asking: could Smellovision make a comeback for a new era of media?

### A Whiff of the Future: Introducing GameScent

To kick things off, we experimented with a product that’s actually available for purchase today: the GameScent, an AI-powered device designed to bring the sense of smell into your gaming sessions.

**Continue reading to discover how GameScent works, its potential impact on gaming, and whether these sensory enhancements are here to stay or just a passing trend.**

### The Rise of Sensory Immersion in Gaming

With advancements in technology, we’re seeing unprecedented levels of immersion in video games — from hyper-realistic graphics to surround sound systems that put you right in the middle of the action. But while visual and audio elements have come a long way, the sensations of smell and taste have largely been left out of the picture.

### Could Smellovision Work for Gaming?

During our podcast, we explore the viability of integrating smell and taste into video games. Could the inclusion of these senses make virtual experiences more authentic and enjoyable? Imagine playing a cooking simulator and actually smelling the sizzling bacon or baking bread. How about a horror game where the musty odor of an old, abandoned mansion adds to the tension? The possibilities are tantalizing but also raise some questions about practicality and user preference.

### Introducing GameScent: What Is It?

GameScent aims to address this gap by incorporating scent into gaming. Engineered with AI technology, the device triggers specific smells in sync with on-screen events, creating a multi-sensory experience. For example, racing through a track in a high-speed chase could be accompanied by the smell of burnt rubber, while a scene in a fragrant forest might fill your room with the scent of pine and flowers.

**But how effective is GameScent, and does it genuinely add to the gaming experience?** Our team at *The Vergecast* tested it out and examined its potential impact.

### The Pros and Cons of Sensory Gaming

While the idea of combining smell and taste with gaming is intriguing, it isn’t without its potential drawbacks. Some gamers may find the added smells distracting or even unpleasant, depending on their personal preferences and sensitivities. There’s also the question of how these devices can be regularly updated and maintained to keep the experience fresh.

### Final Thoughts

As the world of gaming continues to evolve, the use of additional senses like smell and taste could revolutionize the way we play and experience games. The GameScent represents an exciting step in this direction, though it’s still too early to say whether it will become mainstream. For now, it’s an innovative glimpse into what the future of gaming may hold.

**Join us on *The Vergecast* as we delve deeper into this sensory frontier and discuss the potential and challenges of bringing smell and taste into our favorite digital worlds.**

**Stay tuned, and continue reading for a more in-depth analysis and hands-on reviews of GameScent and similar technologies.**

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