First Look: Microsoft Surface Pro with ARM Chips Unveiled

### A First Look at Microsoft’s New Surface Pro with Arm Chips Inside

*Photo: Allison Johnson / The Verge*

Microsoft has just lifted the curtain on the new Surface Pro, part of their innovative wave of Copilot Plus PCs. This unveiling marks the launch of what is technically the “11th edition” of the Surface Pro, priced starting at $999. Excitingly, this new iteration comes in four vibrant colors and is powered by Qualcomm’s groundbreaking Snapdragon X processors.

#### Key Features and Specs

One of the core attractions of the new Surface Pro is its impressive display options. The base model boasts a 13-inch LCD screen. However, for those seeking superior display quality, higher-end models now offer an upgrade to an OLED screen, promising richer colors and sharper contrasts.

#### The Snapdragon X Processor: The Star of the Show

Undoubtedly, the Snapdragon X processor steals the spotlight. This powerful chip is the engine behind many of the advanced AI features Microsoft highlighted during their presentation. Furthermore, it makes the device more energy-efficient, fueling the remarkable 14-hour battery life that Microsoft assures. This chip is a game-changer in enabling a seamless blend of power, speed, and longevity.

#### Familiar Design, New Attachments

Design-wise, the new Surface Pro retains the iconic silhouette that users have come to love. The tablet, complete with an integrated kickstand, has been a distinctive feature of the Surface Pro series for years. However, this time around, there’s a fresh addition: the Flex Keyboard attachment. Though details about the keyboard are still sparse, this new attachment promises to enhance user experience and versatility.

As Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of technology with the introduction of the new Surface Pro, it’s clear that they are committed to revolutionizing not just the hardware, but also the functionality and efficiency through cutting-edge AI and chipset advancements. With a starting price of $999, it will be interesting to see how this device resonates with both new users and long-time Surface Pro aficionados.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review as we get our hands on this exciting new device.

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