From ESR: New Keyboard Cases for iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024

### ESR Unveils New Keyboard Cases for iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024

If you’re purchasing a new iPad, you might be tempted to invest in Apple’s official keyboard cases. However, the cost of Apple’s Magic Keyboards might make you think twice. With prices reaching €349 for the smaller versions and €399 for the 13-inch models, they aren’t exactly budget-friendly.

For those who type occasionally, there’s a worthwhile alternative: exploring third-party accessories for value-for-money products. ESR, a reputable accessories provider, offers new keyboard solutions worth considering. They have launched keyboard cases for both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, featuring German key layouts fully compatible with Apple’s latest devices. These cases also allow the iPad to be positioned in both portrait and landscape orientations.

#### The Ascend and Rebound Keyboard Cases by ESR

ESR distinguishes between two models: the Rebound and the Ascend. The Rebound mimics the design of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, allowing the iPad to “float” above the keyboard. It also features a trackpad and a protective magnetic case base.

Meanwhile, the Ascend model is a classic clamshell keyboard with backlit keys and adjustable angles from 15 to 180 degrees. This model also supports both portrait and landscape modes for the iPad.

![Ascend Keyboard Case](image-link)

One of the more unique features of ESR’s offerings is their battery life. ESR claims a standby time of about a year, with daily use stretching the battery to three months. However, continuous use of the backlighting drops the battery life to about a week.

![Rebound Keyboard Case](image-link)

The keyboard cases are available for both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Prices range between €99 and €130, depending on the model. According to ESR, these keyboard cases offer a cost-effective yet practical alternative to Apple’s pricey solutions.

So next time you consider upgrading your iPad with a keyboard, don’t forget to check out what ESR has to offer—you might find a great deal without compromising on quality.

**Product Links:**

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*Note: Prices mentioned are as of the time of publication and are subject to change.*

By opting for ESR’s keyboard cases, you enjoy robust functionality at a fraction of the cost, making your iPad experience even more versatile and efficient.

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