„Google TV Introduces New ‚Find My Remote‘ Feature“

# Google TV Introduces “Find My Remote” Feature in Latest Android Update

In a world where misplaced remotes are a common household dilemma, Google has introduced a game-changing feature in its latest Android update for Google TV that aims to make this hassle a thing of the past. Yes, you read that right — Google TV is getting a „find my remote“ feature!

### A Handy Perk for Google TV Users

This new addition comes as part of the beta release for Android 14 for TV, which was announced during last week’s Google I/O conference. According to reports from Android Authority, the update contains references to a new “find my remote” feature designed to make life a little bit easier for users.

### How the Feature Works

The update includes a convenience that is both simple and effective. As disclosed in one text string within the new update:

> „There is a button on your Google TV that you can push to play a sound on your remote for 30 seconds. This only works with supported Google TV remote controls. To stop the sound, press any button on your remote.“

This means if your remote has decided to hide under the couch cushions or has gone on a mysterious adventure, you can push a button on your Google TV to play a sound on your remote, making it easy to locate.

### Walmart’s Onn Google TV 4K Pro: The Pioneer

Interestingly, AFTVNews discovered that the Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box, recently released by Walmart, already supports the new „find my remote“ feature. This makes it one of the first devices to roll out with this handy update.

### Looking Forward

The introduction of the „find my remote“ feature underscores Google’s continuous effort to enhance user experience by solving everyday problems. It is expected that this feature will soon roll out to a broader range of Google TV devices, bringing much-needed relief to countless households.

So, the next time you lose your remote, don’t sweat it. Google’s got your back! This feature is set to make lost remotes one less thing to worry about. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy streaming!

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Happy viewing!
source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/22/24162311/google-tv-find-my-remote-android-14-feature

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