HandBrake 1.8: Comprehensive Improvements for macOS

## HandBrake 1.8: Comprehensive Enhancements for macOS

The HandBrake team has announced the release of version 1.8 of their free video encoder, a tool widely regarded as the go-to solution for encoding video projects across various platforms. This new update offers a multitude of improvements and new functionalities, focusing heavily on enhancing the video engines and aligning the user interfaces across macOS, Windows, and Linux.

### Key UI Improvements for macOS

HandBrake 1.8 introduces several significant updates and new features, particularly for Mac users. The new version includes support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ with metadata pass-through, elevating the quality and compatibility of video outputs. Another notable addition is the Metal-accelerated performance, which promises faster and more efficient processing speeds.

The update also brings an improved subtitle handling system. Users can now drag-and-drop SRT and ASS subtitle files directly into the main window of the application, simplifying the process of adding and editing subtitles. Additionally, the option to exclude file extensions when opening files in batch mode has been introduced, offering more flexibility in file management.

### Energy Efficiency

To make the software even more energy-efficient, a new preset has been added that allows the pausing of ongoing encodings when the MacBook switches to battery mode. This feature aims to conserve energy and extend battery life during intensive encoding tasks.

HandBrake 1.8 also includes a new option to automatically remove completed tasks from the queue upon the application’s startup. This helps in maintaining a cleaner and more organized workflow, especially for users who handle multiple encoding jobs.

### Improved Notifications and Interface

The notification options have been revamped, giving users the choice to be notified either after each individual task or only once all tasks are completed. This provides more control over how updates on encoding progress are received.

The toolbar design has been updated to better match macOS aesthetics, and the overall interface of the app is expected to operate more smoothly. Beyond these user-interface enhancements, audio and subtitle processing have also been optimized to ensure a seamless experience.

In summary, HandBrake 1.8 brings substantial improvements and new functionalities that make video encoding easier and more efficient for macOS users. With enhanced performance, better energy management, and a more streamlined interface, this update is a must-have for those who rely on HandBrake for their video projects. Don’t hesitate to upgrade and experience these new features first-hand.
source: https://www.ifun.de/handbrake-1-8-umfassende-verbesserungen-fuer-macos-232868/

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