How to Easily Find and Install Web Apps on Chromebook with Google’s New ‘Add to Chromebook’ Badge

## Google Simplifies Finding and Installing Web Apps with the ‘Add to Chromebook’ Badge

### New Badge Enhances User Experience on ChromeOS

Google is rolling out a new feature called the “Add to Chromebook” badge, aimed at making it easier for ChromeOS users to discover and install progressive web apps (PWAs) and Android apps. The badge serves as a direct link to either the web app you’re interested in or the Google Play Store, in the case of Android apps. This initiative was reported by 9to5Google.

**How the “Add to Chromebook” Badge Looks on Websites** | *Image: Google*

### A Streamlined Approach to App Discovery

In a Google I/O session video discussing ChromeOS, a presenter highlighted that many users initiate their search for apps with a Google search, often landing on developers‘ websites. These websites present an optimal location for an “Add to Chromebook” badge, guiding users seamlessly to the app they need.

For Android apps, the process is already streamlined, as most users head directly to the Google Play Store to install them. Web apps, however, don’t always benefit from this straightforward approach and can be harder to locate and install.

### Why This Matters

The “Add to Chromebook” badge can significantly enhance the user experience on Chromebooks by reducing the friction involved in finding and installing web apps. This is particularly useful for users who are less tech-savvy and may find it cumbersome to navigate various platforms to get the apps they need.

Google is putting forth these efforts to not only boost the adoption of progressive web apps but also to ensure that ChromeOS users get the most out of their devices with minimal hassle.

### What’s Next?

With the “Add to Chromebook” badge, Google is setting a precedent for more intuitive and user-friendly app discovery and installation processes on ChromeOS. It’s a small but meaningful step towards making ChromeOS a more viable and attractive option for both casual and power users alike.

Stay tuned for more updates on this feature and how it could impact your Chromebook experience!

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