How to Easily Replace the Battery in Your OLED iPad Pro

### Replacing the OLED iPad Pro’s Battery is Easier Than Ever

![The 13-inch OLED iPad Pro with the screen removed. | Screenshot: iFixit](

Apple’s newest iPad Pro is breaking new ground in terms of rigidity and repairability. Despite its remarkably thin design, this new iPad Pro model shows significant improvements when it comes to maintenance, particularly in the ease of replacing the battery, as demonstrated in a recent teardown by iFixit.

#### A Shining Example of Improved Design

During the teardown, iFixit revealed that the iPad Pro’s 38.99Wh battery, a component that will inevitably degrade over time, is actually far easier to access and replace than in previous generations. According to Shahram Mokhtari from iFixit, this design enhancement “could save hours in repair time” compared to earlier iPad Pro models, where battery replacements were notoriously cumbersome.

#### The Teardown Process

While accessing the battery still requires removing the screen, a component that is glued in and connected at four points on the device, the overall process has been streamlined to reduce potential headaches. Here is a brief overview of the teardown sequence:

1. **Screen Removal**: The initial step involves delicately prying off the screen. The screen is glued onto the iPad and connected securely at four points.
2. **Disconnecting Components**: Once the screen is removed, the next step requires dealing with the camera assembly and an aluminum lip beneath it. This part is essential for disengaging some hard-to-reach tabs.
3. **Battery Access**: Following the screen and component removal, the battery is readily accessible, simplifying the replacement process significantly.

#### Why This is a Big Deal

For users and repair professionals alike, the easier battery access represents a huge leap forward in terms of repairability. Previously, swapping out a worn-out battery in an iPad Pro could be a lengthy, intricate process involving multiple steps and risking further damage to other components. The new approach saves valuable time and reduces the complexity of the operation.

#### Final Thoughts

This advancement in the iPad Pro’s design underscores Apple’s commitment to not only pushing the envelope in terms of technology and aesthetics but also improving the customer experience when it comes to device longevity and maintenance. With such improvements, it’s evident that Apple is taking user feedback on board, making its cutting-edge devices more user-friendly for the long run.

For a detailed look at the teardown process and more insights, check out iFixit’s video on this new iPad Pro model.

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