How to Preorder Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop and Surface Pro

# Where to Preorder Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop and Surface Pro

**Microsoft’s 13.8-inch Surface Laptop starts at a cool $999.99. | Image: Microsoft**

Does it feel like forever since the last time you laid eyes on a brand-new Surface laptop? Well, the wait is over. Microsoft’s latest hardware event, held on Monday, introduced a slew of 2024 refreshes, including the newest versions of the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro aimed at consumers. Both devices are priced starting at $999.99 and are set to launch on June 18th.

Microsoft has branded these new additions as Copilot Plus PCs, proudly stating that they are “the most powerful Windows PCs ever built.” Given this bold claim, it’s exciting to see how these devices will be among the first to leverage Windows 11’s next-gen AI features. We’re eagerly anticipating more information on these features during Microsoft’s annual Build conference happening this week.

Earlier this year, in March, Microsoft also announced business-oriented versions of both the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. Those models come equipped with Intel Core Ultra CPUs. In contrast, the new consumer versions will feature Qualcomm’s Arm-based Snapdragon X chipsets, which have a dedicated…

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Stay tuned for further updates, or better yet, get ahead of the curve and secure your own piece of cutting-edge tech. As the launch date approaches, we’ll keep you posted on where to preorder these highly anticipated Surface devices to ensure you don’t miss out.

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