„Little Snitch 6 for macOS: The Ultimate App Firewall“

**Introducing Little Snitch 6: The Ultimate Firewall for macOS**

In the heart of Vienna, the software studio Objective Development has just released the latest version of its renowned network monitor, Little Snitch. Celebrated by privacy-conscious users for over two decades, Little Snitch 6 marks the sixth major update of this indispensable macOS application.

### Unveiling New Features

Little Snitch operates locally as a network monitoring tool, alerting users whenever an application attempts to establish an internet connection. Beyond making these otherwise invisible online communications noticeable, it empowers users to block any unwanted connections.

The latest version, Little Snitch 6, is packed with enhancements including:

– **DNS Encryption**: This feature ensures secure server name queries, safeguarding your online activity from prying eyes.
– **Integrated Block Lists**: Users can now easily install curated block lists with a single click, providing additional protection against undesired connections.
– **New Control Center**: Accessible from the menu bar, it provides quick access to essential network information and recently blocked connections.
– **Interactive Traffic Diagram**: The updated traffic diagram offers clearer visualization and analysis of network activities.

### Available for a One-Time Purchase

A single license for Little Snitch 6 is priced at €59, with an upgrade option available to existing users for €39. Licenses acquired from January 1, 2024, onwards will automatically be eligible for the new version at no extra cost.

For those unfamiliar with Little Snitch, the free demo mode allows users to explore all features, albeit with a three-hour session limit before requiring manual reactivation.

### Compatibility and Functional Enhancements

Little Snitch 6 requires macOS 14 Sonoma for installation. Once installed, it can categorize connections by app, domain, server, or country for a more organized perspective on network traffic. Enhanced search and filter functions further streamline the process of identifying specific connections or firewall rules.

Here is a detailed overview of all the new features:

– **DNS Encryption**: Encrypts server name queries to protect your internet activities from eavesdroppers.
– **Integrated Block Lists**: Provides a curated selection of block lists that can be installed with a single click.
– **Control Center in the Menu Bar**: Offers immediate access to crucial network information, activity graphs, and blocked connections.
– **Interactive Traffic Diagram**: Features an intuitive redesign for real-time visualization and analysis of network activity.
– **Hierarchical Grouping of Connections**: Organize connections by app, domain, server, or country for deeper insights.
– **Advanced Search and Filter**: Quickly find specific connections or firewall rules with the enhanced search functionality.
– **Usage Statistics**: Optimize your firewall rules based on their usage frequency.
– **Acoustic Notifications**: Stay informed about select network activities through audible alerts.
– **Rule Groups**: Organize related firewall rules together for easy bulk activation or deactivation.
– **Improved Support for Web Apps**: Provides more precise control over connections initiated by websites.
– **Reinforced Firewall Rules**: Uses cryptographic code signatures to better identify processes, making rules more resilient against app renaming or relocation.
– **Simplified Setup**: Automatically create rules for installed programs to ease the initial configuration.
– **Extended Support for Xcode Simulator**: Allows for broad rules covering all simulator processes to ensure uninterrupted development work.

Little Snitch 6 stands as a robust guardian of your macOS environment, combining comprehensive network monitoring with a user-friendly interface. Whether you’re an existing user or new to this indispensable tool, the latest update promises to elevate your network security to a whole new level.
source: https://www.ifun.de/app-firewall-fuer-macos-little-snitch-6-ist-da-232857/

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