Meta and LG Headset Partnership Faces Challenges

**Meta and LG’s Headset Partnership Hits Turbulence: What We Know So Far**

It appears that Meta and LG’s ambitious collaboration to develop an extended reality (XR) device is facing significant challenges. This joint venture aimed to create a competitor to Apple’s Vision Pro headset. However, recent developments suggest that the partnership may be experiencing a rough patch.

![LG and Meta Representatives](Image: LG)

## A Promising Start

In February of this year, LG CEO William Cho and LG Home Entertainment president Park Hyoung-sei sat down with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss a groundbreaking XR project. Both firms were looking to leverage their strengths—Meta’s Horizon Worlds mixed reality platform and LG’s robust content and service capabilities from its TV business—to create a cutting-edge device.

Excitement mounted as the partnership was announced, with the industry speculating on what the collaboration would bring. Products from this joint effort were expected to hit the market as early as next year, possibly revolutionizing the XR domain.

## Cracks Begin to Show

Despite the promising start, multiple Korean news outlets are reporting that the partnership between Meta and LG is now encountering significant turbulence. According to these reports, the collaboration may have broken down entirely due to a lack of “synergy” between the two companies.

This stands in stark contrast to LG’s official stance. The company has denied that the partnership has been terminated but did acknowledge that the pace of the collaboration has been adjusted. “LG Electronics continues the XR partnership with Meta forged in February but is controlling its pace,” a spokesperson told Korea JoongAng Daily.

## What This Means for the Market

The XR device market is already competitive, with significant players like Apple entering the fray. The anticipated device from Meta and LG was expected to bring fresh dynamics into the market. With this hiccup, it remains uncertain how soon consumers will see the fruits of this collaboration.

## Looking Ahead

As both companies navigate these complications, the industry will be watching closely to see how this situation unfolds. The tech community remains hopeful that any issues will be resolved, allowing the partnership to reach its full potential.

For now, all eyes are on Meta and LG as they attempt to regain their momentum and continue working towards bringing an innovative XR experience to consumers.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.

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