„Microsoft Enters New Era with AI-Powered PCs“

### Microsoft Steps Into the AI PC Era: Could This Be the Game Changer?

![Microsoft AI PC](Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge)

**For years, we’ve heard the whispers: Windows on Arm will revolutionize the PC landscape with powerful, portable, and long-lasting devices. But for the past decade, those promises have mostly remained unfulfilled. This time around, however, it feels different—almost real.**

In the latest episode of *The Vergecast*, Tom Warren reports from Seattle, sharing insights from Microsoft’s latest event. He delves into what a „Copilot Plus PC“ is, the feel of the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, and why the newly introduced Recall feature could be the groundbreaking AI killer app Microsoft has been searching for.

### What’s New This Time?
Microsoft’s latest venture heavily bets on the efficacy of the Qualcomm X chips. If the tech giant’s projections hold true, this week could mark one of the most transformative periods in Windows history. The much-anticipated Arm-based Windows devices are not just about incremental improvements but represent a potential shift in how we interact with our PCs—ushering in the AI era straight to our laptops.

### The Surface Pro and Surface Laptop: First Impressions
Tom Warren provides firsthand impressions of the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. Both devices seem to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s vision of the future—AI-driven, highly efficient, and designed for both power users and casual consumers. The addition of the Copilot Plus features aligns with making AI more accessible and practical in everyday tasks.

### Is Recall the AI „Killer App“?
Another highlight from the event is the introduction of Recall, a feature that has the potential to redefine how we use AI on our PCs. By leveraging AI to help users recall information and tasks, Microsoft might have found the sweet spot in making AI indispensable.

### Looking Forward
If the performance of Qualcomm X chips lives up to expectations, we’re on the brink of experiencing a significant leap in the Windows ecosystem’s capabilities. This week marks an important milestone; Microsoft seems poised to blend portability, power, and AI to deliver a truly next-gen computing experience.

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Afterward, *The Vergecast* continues as Kylie Robison joins the conversation to delve deeper into all things OpenAI.

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source: https://www.theverge.com/24161498/microsoft-surface-pro-laptop-gpt-4o-voice-macbook-vergecast

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