„Microsoft Introduces OLED Display in New Surface Pro for the First Time“

## Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Gets an OLED Display for the First Time

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In a move that aligns with its tech competitors, Microsoft has officially introduced OLED display technology to its latest Surface Pro. Revolutionary not just in performance but also in nomenclature, the new device dispenses with the numbering system, simply going by the moniker „Surface Pro“.

### The OLED Advantage

Why the excitement? The integration of an OLED display offers a substantial upgrade from the LCD screens used in previous Surface Pros, including the Surface Pro 10 Business Edition. OLED technology is renowned for producing perfect blacks, vastly improving contrast ratios, response times, and overall visual fidelity. This marks a pivotal enhancement for users who prioritize display quality.

One of the standout advantages of OLED is its ability to control individual pixels, allowing each one to turn off completely. This is what creates those true black levels and contributes to more vivid colors and stark contrasts. Moreover, Microsoft has confirmed that the new panel will support HDR output, bringing an even richer visual experience to the Surface Pro.

### A Long-awaited Update

For years, Microsoft’s Surface Pro line has garnered praise for its impressive color accuracy and sharpness, even with traditional LCD backlighting. However, a common critique was the limitation in achieving perfect blacks, an issue now addressed with the adoption of OLED technology. By stepping into this new realm of display performance, Microsoft is poised to offer an experience that caters to professionals and creatives alike who demand superior visual clarity and depth.

### Comparison with Competitors

The timing of this release is noteworthy, arriving just days after Apple’s OLED iPad Pro went on sale. With both tech giants now offering OLED displays in their flagship tablets, the competition in the market has intensified, promising consumers top-tier screen technology across different ecosystems.

### Conclusion

Microsoft’s decision to embrace OLED for the new Surface Pro heralds a significant upgrade in the device’s visual performance. As tech enthusiasts and professionals get their hands on this latest iteration, it will be fascinating to see how it stacks up against its competitors and influences future trends in tablet technology.

Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth reviews as we delve deeper into what this groundbreaking change brings to the table.
source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/20/24160743/microsoft-surface-pro-10-oled-screen-new-feature

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