Microsoft Surface Event 2023: Top 6 Major Announcements

# Microsoft Surface Event: The 6 Biggest Announcements

*Image: Allison Johnson / The Verge*

Microsoft recently concluded a significant event ahead of Build 2024, filled with thrilling revelations and advancements. The tech giant showcased updates to its Surface line and unveiled groundbreaking announcements concerning artificial intelligence (AI) and the dawn of a new era in personal computing.

Unlike their usual protocol, Microsoft did not livestream this event. For those eager to catch up on the latest reveals, we’ve compiled a comprehensive roundup below.

## 1. The Launch of Copilot Plus PCs

*Image: Allison Johnson / The Verge*

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, took the stage to discuss Microsoft’s ambitious plans to integrate AI into personal computing more deeply. He introduced a groundbreaking category of computers branded as Copilot Plus. These cutting-edge devices are equipped with the Arm-based Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors from Qualcomm, and future models will incorporate Intel and AMD chips.

The new processors aim to significantly enhance the user experience by leveraging AI to optimize performance, provide more intuitive user interfaces, and offer advanced features tailored to today’s dynamic usage patterns.

Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft’s latest innovations and how they plan to shape the future of technology.

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