Microsoft Teams Introduces Popular Slack Emoji Feature

## Microsoft Teams Introduces Custom Emoji Feature: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Work Chats

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In a move that will undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of many, Microsoft is rolling out a highly-anticipated feature to its Teams communications platform: custom emoji. Announced at the Build developer conference on Tuesday, this new feature will empower users to upload their unique emoji for use in reactions and messages, fostering a more personalized and expressive environment.

### Bringing Creativity to the Workplace

Scheduled for a public preview next month, this enhancement aims to help Teams users collaborate and communicate „more creatively and authentically.“ Whether you want to inject a bit of personality into your team chats or need a specific expression that the standard emoji set just doesn’t capture, this new addition will be a welcome boost to the way people interact on the platform.

### Control and Customization for IT Admins

For businesses that have embraced Teams, the arrival of custom emoji also brings a need for control and moderation. IT administrators will have the power to limit or permit which users can upload or delete custom emoji, or they can opt to disable the feature entirely. This ensures that while creativity is encouraged, it can be managed in a way that fits the organization’s culture and standards.

### Visibility within Organizations

An important detail to note is that once custom emoji are uploaded into Teams, they will only be visible within the same organization domain. This internal visibility ensures that custom emoji creations are kept within the confines of your organizational environment, preventing any potential cross-domain confusion or misuse.

### General Availability on the Horizon

Microsoft has indicated that general availability for the custom emoji feature will follow the public preview, although specific dates have not been confirmed yet. As this feature is fine-tuned through user feedback and testing, one can expect a more robust and seamless integration by the time it becomes generally available.

So, keep an eye out next month as Microsoft Teams takes a significant step forward in making your digital workplace more vibrant and expressive. Get ready to bring your own unique touch to your virtual communications like never before!

### Keep the Conversation Going

For those eager to stay updated on this and other exciting developments from Microsoft Teams, make sure to participate in the public preview and share your feedback. Your input can help shape the future of how we communicate in the digital workspace.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy emoji creating!

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