OpenAI Removes Scarlett Johansson-Like Voice from ChatGPT

# OpenAI Pulls Its Scarlett Johansson-esque Voice from ChatGPT

In a recent turn of events, OpenAI has decided to pause the use of a ChatGPT voice that bears a striking resemblance to Scarlett Johansson. This move comes after widespread attention from various media outlets and even a spoof on *Saturday Night Live* that noted the uncanny similarity. The voice in question, known as Sky, will no longer be actively used for the time being.

## The Official Statement

OpenAI has made it clear that it does not endorse the deliberate mimicry of any celebrity’s voice. In a recent announcement, OpenAI stated:

> „We believe that AI voices should not deliberately mimic a celebrity’s distinctive voice— Sky’s voice is not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson but belongs to a different professional actress using her own natural speaking voice.”

The distinction here is important: OpenAI emphasizes that Sky’s voice was not designed to imitate Johansson. Instead, it was created using the natural speaking voice of a professional actress.

## Addressing the Controversy

Mira Murati, CTO of OpenAI, tackled the issue head-on in an interview with *The Verge* last week. She reiterated that the likeness to Johansson was purely coincidental and not a designed feature. Yet, despite there being no direct effort to imitate Johansson, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was aware of the public’s reaction and the noted similarities.

## Ethical Considerations

The decision to pause Sky raises significant questions about the ethical deployment of AI voices. The company acknowledges the sensitivities surrounding the imitation of distinctive voices, particularly those of public figures and celebrities. This incident brings to light the broader ethical responsibility companies face in the rapid advancement of AI technologies.

## The Road Ahead

As AI continues to blur the lines between human and machine, the incident with Sky is a pertinent reminder of the ethical challenges and responsibilities inherent in AI development. While OpenAI is currently taking steps to address the issue, it sets a precedent for how companies might handle similar situations in the future.

For now, OpenAI’s initiative to prioritize ethics over convenience by putting Sky’s voice on pause is a significant, albeit complicated, step in ensuring the responsible use of artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story. What are your thoughts on the ethics of AI voice imitation? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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