QuickTune 7 for macOS: Retro Remote Control for Apple Music

### QuickTune 7 for macOS: A Retro Remote for Apple Music

Since the summer of 2021, developer Mario Guzman has been delighting Mac veterans with his series of hobby projects. These projects can only be described as pure fan service. Guzman has focused on creating remote controls for Apple’s music application that not only control the iTunes successor but do so in the style of classic Mac applications.

#### Fan Service for Mac Veterans

Guzman has introduced several innovative remote controls over the past few years. Among them are the **Music Widget**, a mini-player reminiscent of the old Mac dashboard, and the **Music MiniPlayer**, a music remote control styled after the classic iTunes mini-player. His most recent release was the **Music Remote**, a replica of the Music Player app that was part of the first public beta version of Mac OS X.

– **Music Widget**: A mini-player that recalls the Mac dashboard.
– **Music MiniPlayer**: A new music remote control.
– **Music Remote**: A freeware application with retro charm.

#### Introducing QuickTune 7 for macOS

Now, Guzman is back with a new project: **QuickTune 7**. This latest creation offers a remote control that mimics the look of the QuickTime Player. Hence the name, QuickTune 7.

QuickTune 7 recreates the look and feel of QuickTime 7 from macOS X Tiger. The application displays album covers, allows users to skip songs, pause, play, and activate repeat and shuffle modes. It’s a native Swift application with a German user interface, available for free on the developer’s website. The app also features an inspector window that gives access to playlists within the music application.

To use QuickTune 7, you’ll need at least macOS Big Sur and, naturally, Apple’s Music application as your audio player. QuickTune 7 itself can’t play MP3s; it sends commands to Apple’s Music application, instructing it on which playlists and songs to play next.

Mario Guzman’s dedication to creating these nostalgic yet functional applications serves as a testament to his love for the classic Mac experience. Whether you’re a long-time Mac user or new to the retro charm, QuickTune 7 is a delightful way to control your Apple Music with a touch of vintage flair.

Download it today and take a retro-styled trip down memory lane while you enjoy your favorite tunes.
source: https://www.ifun.de/quicktune-7-fuer-macos-retro-remote-fuer-apple-music-232919/

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