„Scarlett Johansson Accuses OpenAI of Using Her Voice Without Permission“

## Scarlett Johansson Takes a Stand Against OpenAI’s Unauthorized Use of Her Voice

*Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images*

In an unexpected turn of events, renowned actress Scarlett Johansson finds herself at the center of an AI-related controversy. According to a recent statement given to NPR, Johansson revealed that OpenAI approached her with an offer to become the voice behind their leading language model, ChatGPT. Upon her refusal, the company, undeterred, allegedly went ahead and created a voice eerily similar to hers.

Johansson shared that she initially received the proposition from Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, last September. Despite declining the offer, her agent was approached again just two days before OpenAI introduced the new ChatGPT voice, imploring her to reconsider. Refusing to relent, Johansson discovered that the feature went live with a voice strikingly similar to hers, known as Sky.

In light of these developments, Johansson has expressed her profound displeasure and concerns surrounding the unauthorized replication of her voice. “I have now been forced to hire legal counsel and have sent two letters to OpenAI inquiring how the soundalike ChatGPT voice, known as Sky, was made,” she stated emphatically.

The controversy has sparked critical discussions around the ethical boundaries of AI technology, especially about the use of personal characteristics such as voice. While AI advancements promise remarkable benefits, the issue underscores the necessity for clear ethical guidelines and respect for personal boundaries.

Johansson’s brave stance serves as a reminder of the critical need to balance technological innovations with ethical practices. As the world watches how this story unfolds, it serves as a crucial point of reflection for both AI developers and consumers on the importance of consent and respect for individual rights in the digital era.

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*Photo Source: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images*
source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/20/24161253/scarlett-johansson-openai-altman-legal-action

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