„Sonos Ace: Official Launch of Bluetooth-Only Headphones“

**Introducing the Sonos Ace: A Bluetooth-Only Headphone**

For years, rumors have swirled around this unveiling, and today, the audio experts at Sonos have officially launched their first pair of headphones. Known as the Sonos Ace, these headphones will be available starting June 5th for €499, and interested buyers can choose between two color options: Black and Soft White.

### A Price Tag of €499

While this launch should have created a buzz among Sonos fans, it has instead led to skepticism. This comes on the heels of Sonos releasing a new controller app that left many existing customers discontent due to its lack of features. In response to the backlash, Sonos hosted a Q&A session and published a timeline for when the missing functions would be restored.

### Just a Bluetooth Headphone?

In this context, Sonos introduces the Ace—a €500 headphone that, aside from one standout feature, operates just like any conventional Bluetooth headphone. The Sonos Ace does not integrate as a „room“ in your Sonos setup and doesn’t serve as a WiFi headset. Instead, it relies solely on a direct Bluetooth connection with an iPhone.

To be fair, the Sonos Ace does offer noise cancellation, lossless 3D audio, and an overall enticing design. It also debuts Sonos’s new TrueCinema technology. However, it lacks any multiroom features we’ve come to expect from Sonos, such as carrying over playback lists from a home setup or interconnecting with existing speaker groups. Simply put, the Ace is a Bluetooth-only headphone.

### Unique Feature: TV Audio Swap

A noteworthy feature is the ability to swap TV audio to the Sonos Ace instantly if you own Sonos’s largest soundbar, the Sonos ARC. This „TV Audio Swap“ allows for a seamless transition of audio with just a press of a button. However, current collaborations with other Sonos speakers aren’t supported.

### Available in June, TrueCinema Coming Later

The Sonos Ace boasts eight positional microphones and offers up to 30 hours of listening and talk time. Charging is handled via a USB-C port. With a weight of 312 grams, the Ace supports Bluetooth 5.4 and measures 191 mm x 160 mm x 85 mm.

It’s important to note that the TrueCinema technology, which Sonos claims will accurately analyze your environment to create a complete surround sound experience, won’t be available until a software update planned for later in the year.

Stay tuned for further updates as Sonos continues to develop and enhance this intriguing new product in their lineup.
source: https://www.ifun.de/sonos-ace-ist-offiziell-es-ist-nur-ein-bluetooth-kopfhoerer-232840/

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