Spotify Introduces Custom Font Across Its App

Spotify Unveils Its Own Font: Meet Spotify Mix

Examples of Spotify Mix in Various Playlist Covers
Here are a few examples showing how Spotify Mix can be changed to suit different playlist covers. | Image: Spotify

Spotify’s latest update is visibly changing the audio streaming service to improve the experience for your eyeballs, rather than your ears. Spotify Mix — the company’s new bespoke typeface — is being rolled out starting today, replacing the Circular typeface variant that Spotify currently uses across its app and desktop experiences.

The confusing name is an homage to the “dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture over the years,” according to Spotify’s global head of brand design, Rasmus Wängelin. Spotify Mix was developed in collaboration with Berlin-based foundry Dinamo Typefaces, with Wängelin saying the new variable font design is “quite literally, a remix” born from merging elements from a variety of different typeface styles.

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