The „udm=14“ Trick: Streamline Your Google Search Results

## The „udm=14“ Trick: Streamlining Your Google Search Results

In the United States, Google has recently augmented search results with content created by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. These AI-generated contents are directly displayed within the Google search interface, potentially eliminating the need to click through to the source site in the long run. This new approach aims to present information more seamlessly within search results.

### Searching for „Iran“

With the introduction of AI-generated results, which are yet to be rolled out in Germany, Google has simultaneously launched a pure web search option that delivers only traditional search results.

For American users who prefer the conventional Google search experience without AI-generated content, Google now offers a new „Web“ section. This section eliminates not only AI content but also all instant answers, large result cards, and so-called „Featured Snippets“.

### Example: Searching for „Bayern München“

– **Without „udm=14″**: Standard Google search results.
– **With „udm=14″**: Slimmed-down Google search results.

While there is no official setting to make the new „Web“ section the default for all new searches, you can easily access it by adding the parameter „udm=14“ to the search URL. The difference in the results pages is quite noticeable.

### Creating Your Own Search Engine

Currently, it’s unclear how long Google’s streamlined web search will remain available. As long as the „udm=14“ trick works, you can set up a new search engine in your browser that automatically appends this parameter to new search queries, ensuring cleaner result pages.

In Google Chrome, you can create a new search engine by navigating to:

`Settings > Search Engine > Manage Search Engines and Site Search > Add`

Assign a shortcut to your new search engine and use the following URL:


By following these steps, you can enjoy a more traditional and less cluttered Google search experience.

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