„Track Windows Games Performance on Arm Devices with This Microsoft-Approved Website“

**Introducing WorksOnWoA: Your Go-To for Windows Gaming on Arm Devices**

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Microsoft’s new Surface lineup stands out due to its integration with Arm chips, marking a significant shift in what we can expect from Windows laptops. With this shift comes a burning question for many: How do these new Arm-powered PCs fare when it comes to gaming?

Enter WorksOnWoA.com, a Microsoft-approved website designed to answer this exact question. Revealed during Microsoft’s Build conference by Microsoft and Qualcomm, this resource is a treasure trove of information for gamers curious about the performance of Windows games on Arm-based devices, particularly those featuring Snapdragon X Elite chips.

The website, developed by the Arm engineering group Linaro, has already put in the work, testing an impressive 1,481 games on devices like the Surface Laptop. It categorizes each game, offering a clear insight into their compatibility and performance. Here’s what the four categories signify:

– **Perfect**: The game runs flawlessly without any noticeable issues.
– **Playable**: The game works well, but there might be minor hiccups.
– **Runs**: The game is operational but may have significant performance drawbacks or bugs.
– **Unplayable**: The game fails to run properly or at all.

Whether you’re curious about how „Baldur’s Gate 3“ or „Control“ run on these new Arm-based systems, WorksOnWoA.com provides a straightforward way to check. This initiative aligns with Microsoft’s vision of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with their latest hardware, ensuring that users know what to expect in terms of gaming performance.

As the world of computing continues to blend performance with portability, websites like WorksOnWoA are essential for keeping consumers informed. Have you tried gaming on a new Surface with an Arm chip? Head over to WorksOnWoA.com to see how your favorite titles stack up!

Stay tuned for more updates as Linaro continues to expand their database and provide critical insights into the gaming capabilities of the latest Windows on Arm devices.

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*Image Credit: Linaro*
source: https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/21/24161936/windows-on-arm-ready-software-linaro-microsoft-qualcomm

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