Cosori TurboBlaze: 6L Air Fryer Without App Connectivity

Cosori TurboBlaze: 6L Air Fryer Comes Without App

At the beginning of the month, we introduced an air fryer with app connectivity on It’s a good device, frequently used here as a quick, energy-saving alternative to a convection oven. However, the relatively small capacity of only 3.8 liters was a point of criticism in the comment section.

Too small for readers: The 3.8L model

Which brings us to the current flagship of the provider Cosori, whose modern devices feel significantly more valuable than the solutions of many competitors.

The TurboBlaze as a Large Alternative

With the introduction of the TurboBlaze 6L air fryer, Cosori has expanded its range with a model that is more geared towards families. Compared to the smaller 3.8-liter variant, which is more than sufficient for single households, the TurboBlaze offers significantly larger capacity.

However, the volume boost comes with a technical limitation: the TurboBlaze model forgoes app integration that allows you to set cooking time and temperature remotely, serves as a status display, and informs when the cooking process is complete. This is regrettable, even though the 3.8-liter model, despite the app, required a manual start on the device for safety reasons.

Good Feel, but No App: The Cosori TurboBlaze

The TurboBlaze air fryer offers a volume of 6 liters and can help prepare meals for three to five people.

Two other distinguishing features become apparent when looking at the technical specifications: firstly, the TurboBlaze comes with increased power of 1,725 watts compared to the 1,500 watts of the smaller variant. Secondly, the device promises up to 50% faster food preparation through the use of a new air circulation technology compared to other air fryers from the company.

Additionally, the automatic shut-off feature ensures extra safety by pausing the device when overheating or when the basket is removed. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the device shuts off completely to save energy.

In terms of cleaning, the large and small models are comparable: the basket and the so-called crisp plate are dishwasher-safe and can therefore be easily placed in the machine after cooking.

9 Cooking Functions, 5 Fan Speeds

In total, the TurboBlaze offers nine cooking functions or preparation options: air frying, roasting, baking, grilling, dehydrating, defrosting, fermenting, reheating, and keeping warm. These functions are supported by five different fan speeds that are, according to the manufacturer, precisely tuned to the respective cooking functions.

This is intended to improve moisture control of the food and deliver even cooking results – however, the fan speed cannot be individually adjusted.

This means in practice: the fan speed can be selected by choosing a cooking function, after which the temperature and cooking time can be adjusted. The manufacturer recommends preheating using the corresponding preheat button in every use.

Cosori states that users of the TurboBlaze air fryer no longer need to shake the cooking basket for evenly browned results.

The design of the air fryer includes an inclined control panel with touch-sensitive buttons that unfortunately are somewhat prone to fingerprints.

With a power of 1,725 watts and a temperature range of 30 to 230 degrees Celsius, the TurboBlaze covers a broad range of applications and is only slightly larger than the 3.8-liter model. The Cosori TurboBlaze is currently available for purchase at 139 euros.

Product Reference

COSORI Air Fryer XXL Turbo Blaze, 6L Air Fryer, with 5 Speed Levels & 9 Functions
139.99 EUR
169.99 EUR


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