FRITZ!OS 7.90 Automatically Integrates Updated IP Blocklists

FRITZ!OS 7.90 Integrates Automatically Updated IP Block Lists

Today, we already discussed spam-block filters for the FRITZ!Box with the community project PhoneBlock. ifun reader Ralph pointed out that the FRITZ!Box manufacturer AVM is optimizing its integration of a comparable filter function. From now on, AVM is offering the capability to automatically obtain an IP block list created and maintained by the manufacturer.

This new feature is part of the next major update for the router operating system FRITZ!OS 7.90. Interested users can already obtain a preliminary version of the upcoming operating system, assuming they have a suitable FRITZ!Box model. At AVM, these betas are called „labor versions“ and are offered for download here.


FRITZ!OS 7.90 is currently available for the following FRITZ!Box models:

  • FRITZ!Box 5590 Fiber
  • FRITZ!Box 7590 AX, 7590, 7530 AX, 7530
  • FRITZ!Box 6690, 6660, 6591 Cable

AVM has detailed information about the new features and improvements coming with FRITZ!OS 7.90 here. Among other things, FRITZ!Box users will soon be able to see a graphical representation of the internet connection load by individual network devices.

Release Timing

A release date for the official rollout of FRITZ!OS 7.90 has not yet been set. In any case, the update will likely be distributed in stages, so you may have to wait longer depending on your FRITZ!Box model.

Increased Internet Attacks

AVM’s commitment to additional security and improved IP blocking is probably related to the fact that FRITZ!Box routers are increasingly targeted by large-scale automated attacks. We recently reported on such incidents in March. AVM customers had reported an extreme increase in attempted unauthorized access, which was recorded in the router’s event logs. It’s certainly commendable that AVM uses such instances as an opportunity to integrate additional security features.


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