How to Move a Smart Home: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Move a Smart Home

Smart Home

Image: Jackson Gibbs for The Verge

Moving out of and into a smart home requires a lot of attention to detail. This guide will help you through it.

Smart homes, with their interconnected devices and intricate setups, pose unique challenges when you’re moving. Whether you’re transitioning into a new tech-savvy abode or converting your current place into one, the process demands meticulous planning and execution.

Steps to Ensuring a Smooth Move

  1. Inventory Your Devices: List all your smart devices, noting details like brands, models, and any specific configurations.
  2. Backup and Disconnect: Ensure all devices are backed up and then disconnected correctly. This includes unlinking accounts and resetting devices when necessary.
  3. Label Everything: Use labels to mark which devices go where, making setup in your new place easier.
  4. Prepare the New Space: Ensure your new home has the infrastructure (Wi-Fi, power outlets) needed for your devices.
  5. Pack Carefully: Use original boxes if available, or pack securely with ample padding to avoid damage during transit.
  6. Reinstall and Reconnect: Set up your devices in the new home, reconnect them to the network, and test functionality.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your move is as seamless as possible, keeping your smart home functioning smoothly.

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