Indie App Sales: About 300 Mac and iOS Apps on Sale

Indie App Sales: Discover Over 300 Mac and iOS Apps on Sale

Today and tomorrow, the website Indie App Sales offers almost 350 apps from independent developers at special prices or even completely free of charge. With such a vast selection, the filter function at the top right is your best friend, helping you catalog the offerings and sort not only by the names of the apps or developers but also by new arrivals or the highest discounts.

The sale includes both Mac apps and apps for iOS devices, spanning various categories. Browsing through the list could be a pleasant alternative to watching the European Championship semi-final today. Feel free to share any interesting finds through the comments section to help other readers.

Note that not all listed offers are live yet. For details on each price reduction, check the detailed descriptions. Often, the price is reduced directly in the App Store, be it the purchase price or the price of an in-app offer. If the distribution happens via the developers‘ websites or other app shops, a discount code like INDIESALE2024 may be required.

Offers Directly from Developers

The creators of Indie App Sales emphasize that their site solely serves as a platform to help independent developers gain more visibility through such promotions. Each listed offer is under the responsibility of the respective developer, and for any questions, you should contact them directly.

To further support the participating developers, consider leaving positive reviews for their apps in Apple’s App Stores if they are listed there. Especially for good free offers, this is an easy way to show your appreciation to the app creators.

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