Orka Desktop: New Virtualization Tool for macOS

Orka Desktop: New Virtualization Tool for macOS

MacStadium, a provider of Mac cloud services, today introduced its new Orka Desktop, a free virtualization tool for macOS. The software allows users to create local virtual machines powered by macOS, offering a simple, user-friendly interface. According to MacStadium, Orka Desktop is primarily targeted at developers who create, test, and deploy macOS and iOS apps.

Thanks to Orka Desktop’s open-container technology, developers can work with relatively lean virtual machines that only require 15 gigabytes of storage, instead of 90 gigabytes.

Orka Desktop requires a Mac with an Apple processor and allows users to create custom macOS images locally.

The app offers free, local macOS virtualization, providing developers with powerful tools to create, package, and distribute VMs at no cost. Importantly, the virtual machines can utilize nearly 95 percent of the host system’s native performance.

Existing Orka customers can use Orka Desktop as an extension of their current MacStadium account, aiming to improve team collaboration and expedite the deployment of local developments.

VirtualBuddy for Private Users

For those who don’t need to work in a team environment, don’t need to transfer their virtual machines to other systems, and don’t require cloud connectivity, the open-source project VirtualBuddy can be a great option.

VirtualBuddy is completely free and enables users to quickly set up virtual machines on their own Mac. The application handles the download and installation of the desired macOS version, providing a virtual machine within minutes. This setup is ideal for experimenting, trying out new software, or testing fresh beta versions.

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source: https://www.ifun.de/orka-desktop-neues-virtualisierungstool-fuer-macos-235759/

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