„Top Saugroboter für Prime Day: Roborock Q Revo S im Angebot“

Roborock Q Revo S: The Prime Day Choice for a Top-Notch Cleaning Experience

Roborock Q Revo S: The Prime Day Choice for a Top-Notch Cleaning Experience

In a few days, numerous Prime Day offers will rain down upon us, and they typically include a plethora of robotic vacuum cleaners. This is an area we have been deeply involved in for years, and this year we want to make a recommendation. This is the same advice we give friends and family heading into the shopping event: Opt for the Roborock Q Revo S.

For those who don’t want to compare endlessly: The Q Revo S

Roborock generally stands out for offering the best navigation systems on the market, capable of efficiently cleaning even the most convoluted apartments. The Q Revo family, launched by Roborock last year, offers a well-rounded package. It includes a robotic vacuum with active rotating mops, a charging station with water management, and an automatic suction function.

Admittedly, the build and tactile quality are somewhat less premium compared to the top model, the o. The Q Revo family also lacks features like an integrated camera. While these are compromises, they positively affect the price and go largely unnoticed in everyday use.

Five Q Revo Models

The Q Revo devices have been so well-received since their debut that the company now offers five different models. Besides the basic Q Revo, which we extensively reviewed on ifun.de last August, there are now S, Pro, MaxV, and Master models.

The Q Revo Family: The Q Revo, the S, the Pro, the MaxV, and the Master

Essentially, all devices are the same base model with minimal differences. The most significant upgrade is from the Q Revo to the Q Revo S. The S model is almost identical to the original but has a significantly higher suction power of 7,000 Pascals compared to 5,500 Pascals.

The Pro model features mops with the new FlexiArm design, while the MaxV can additionally lift its brush during wet-only cleaning. The extra cost for the most expensive Master model is justified by an even higher suction power of 10,000 Pascals and an additional side brush with the FlexiArm design.

The FlexiArm Design: Mechanically Complex and Yet to Prove Itself

Q Revo S: All You Need

Which brings us back to the Q Revo S, for which we want to make a strong case. We believe that the FlexiArm enhancements of the more expensive models are more of a gimmick, which still has to prove how error-prone the added mechanics will be in everyday operation. The suction power of 7,000 Pascals is more than enough, and the extra cost of about 20 Euros compared to the 5,500 Pascal base model is well worth it. While higher suction power mainly affects the noise level, the leap from 5,000 to 7,000 Pascals objectively improves carpet cleaning performance.

Discreetly Designed: The Black Q Revo S

Our Experience with the Q Revo S

Like all members of the Q Revo family, the Q Revo S features two rotating mops that move through living spaces – we don’t miss the VibraRise system.

Instead of a damp cloth moving transverse to the direction of travel, the Q Revo S uses round mops that are lifted when encountering carpets. Thanks to active pressure, these mops provide more uniform and intense cleaning. The base station handles cleaning and drying the mops and is easy to disassemble and clean under the shower.

Base Station with Easy-to-Clean Components

As previously noted, the Q Revo S does away with high-end features like automatic brush lifting or video call functionality, focusing on the essentials: autonomous cleaning (even in cluttered apartments). The robot itself is discreetly designed, with only two function buttons, an invisible water tank, and a dust tank prepared for automatic suction, eliminating the need for manual interventions.

The Roborock App: Intuitive and User-Friendly

The setup of the Q Revo S is user-friendly, even for beginners. A simple step-by-step guide, a QR code, and filling the fresh water tank are all you need to get the robot up and running. In less than 15 minutes, the setup is complete and the robot begins its quiet, rapid exploration of your home to create a floor plan. The app allows detailed configuration of the cleaning process, including suction intensity and moisture output while controlling the mop cleaning intervals.

Self-Emptying Dust Tank and Efficient Warm Air Drying

At the end of its cleaning session, the Q Revo S empties its dust tank into the base station, washes the mops, and dries them with a warm air blower. This is especially handy for users who run the robot while they are away.

The discreet design of the base station blends seamlessly into living spaces and far exceeds the rather industrial design of the Ultra models. Here, you really can’t go wrong.

Product Notice

Roborock Q Revo S Robotic Vacuum with Mopping Function, 7000 Pa HyperForce® Cleaning Power, 45 dB(A) Quiet Drying, 619.99 EUR

Q Revo Family Now on Sale

During Prime Day, almost the entire Q Revo family will be available at annual best prices. The pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Q Revo: 600 Euros instead of 799 Euros (-25 percent)
  • Q Revo S: 620 Euros instead of 799 Euros (-22 percent)
  • Q Revo Pro: 699 Euros instead of 999 Euros (-30 percent)
  • Q Revo Master: 1,099 Euros instead of 1,299 Euros (-15 percent)

source: https://www.ifun.de/saugroboter-zum-prime-day-greift-zum-roborock-q-revo-s-235773/

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