tvOS 18 Reveals More Evidence of TouchScreen HomePod

TouchScreen HomePod Hints in tvOS 18 Beta

tvOS 18 Beta Hints at TouchScreen HomePod

The latest beta version of tvOS 18 is fueling speculations about a HomePod with a screen. Hidden in the source code of the third pre-release version of tvOS 18 is a screen component designed for touch operation. Such a functionality makes little sense for a TV device, but tvOS also serves as the basis for the HomePod’s operating system.

The Apple blog 9to5Mac reports that it was able to access this system component, finding a lock screen comparable to that of an iPhone or iPad, designed for touchscreen control. There isn’t much else to see at this stage, as the component seems to be in a very early phase of development.

Amazon’s Echo Show 10

The concept of a HomePod with a display has been circulating in the rumor mill for years. Just last week, there were more hints that Apple is indeed working on such a device. At some point, there were even rumors that Apple was working on a smart home robot with a screen.

However, it raises the question of what Apple means by such a robot. Devices that accompany users autonomously or patrol the house independently have so far been Amazon’s experimental domain. Even for the upcoming years, it seems unlikely that Apple would take such a step.

A Better Echo Show 10 from Apple?

Nevertheless, Amazon could serve as an inspiration for what might be meant by an Apple robot. The Echo Show 10, offered by Amazon for four years, is a combination of functions that Apple could also integrate into a future HomePod. The large Siri speaker could form the basis for an iPad-like touchscreen, which could also move with the user as an extended „follow mode“. Essentially, it would be a remake of the Echo Show 10, adhering to Apple’s quality standards and data privacy focus.


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